Help Alleviate Nodding Disease

To this day researchers have struggled to find the root cause for Nodding Disease also know as Nodding Syndrome. It is a devastatingly debilitating physical and mentall affliction that attacks mostly children.

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Why Donate?


Having empathy and compassion to help others less fortunate than you are, is the true basis for being human Please Donate

Join A Cause

Finding and joining a number of causes that serve good to the world helps in building our own personal character

Set An Example

It is always good to set an example for others, especially for children. Doing good in our actions is an example.

It Feels Good

There is always a satisfactory feeling that arises, by giving to others less fortunate than we are. It is a good feeling that we should experience often.

Good Karma

Many believe that to get good Karma for yourself, you too must do good for others, the world karma balance will reward you too.

Be A Hero

Heroes come in different types, you don't have to be a fireman to save a life, your donation, may save a life. You are a hero too.

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